Probably the top performing fund nobody has heard of

Different times need different approaches. All markets have been difficult. Stock markets are down. The usually safe haven world of bonds has been hit hard. Volatility is everywhere. Cash is a poor alternative. Its value will rapidly be undermined by inflation. Even most commodities have performed poorly. 

At Woodhill we do something different. We invest in large UK companies and look for companies that are both financially stable and high quality. In addition to this we protect our portfolio at times when we believe the market risk, valuation, or economic risk to be too high. This means that in what has been a difficult time for virtually all strategies, and for all asset classes, we are able to protect our investors. When we perceive the balance of risk and reward to be favourable, we can then position the fund to benefit from better times. In this regard we are unique. This year we have shown how well our approach can work. We do not believe that investors should have to simply put up with falling asset prices. Woodhill is a fund which will do its best to actively protect investors from wealth destruction in bad times, while also working to identify the best time to benefit from a market upturn.

* Ranked 1 out of 47 in – Absolute Return GBP over 12 months end September www.citywire.com
Past performance is not indicative of future results.