QuantQual adds Woodhill to its buy list

It’s great news for us that QuantQual, a truly independent reviewer of funds like ours, have looked into the the numbers, taken note of our approach and have decided to recommend Woodhill as a fund to invest in.

The buy rating was released by QuantQual with the executive summary…

The VT Woodhill UK Equity Strategic Fund aims to achieve a positive capital return over a 12-month period, regardless of market conditions, with lower volatility compared to the average UK equity markets. However, capital is at risk, and a positive return is not guaranteed over any period, including 12 months. The fund consists of an equity portfolio that can be fully hedged at times, offering significant protection against downside risk. Overall market risk is assessed using economic, fundamental, and market-related data sets.

This approach is intended to protect investors’ capital during market downturns and add value when markets rise. We believe the investment objectives have successfully been met and therefore we have given the fund a ‘buy’ rating.